Earlier today I made the second largest transaction of my adult life: replacing all four tires that were 10 years old, and falling apart. That in itself was God providing. 

Then fast forward. On my way home, in southwestern Michigan, I was screaming and slightly sobbing those words I used for the title of this post. You see, the weather was horrible, and my car needs work done on it. Lots of work done on it. All I was focusing on was staying in my lane, and not having an anxiety attack. 

See, I knew that coming up was a curve between two lakes that has no guard rail. Not to mention there’s only gravel separating the road from the lakes. SCARY. At a stop light before that curve I say those words, anticipating God getting me home safely. 

Exactly as that curve begins the road and skies around me cleared. Then I broke out rebuking the wind in Jesus name. Telling the Devil that he can’t touch this. At which point I broke out into the MC Hammer song “can’t touch this”. The rest of the drive home was clear! God is good, and His timing is always perfect. ❤

God bless.