A paraphrase of a great verse! I love this verse because it makes me think. 

What is my reason for hope? Why do I have hope? 

As I posted on the Facebook page (proverbs31heart Facebook go on, give it a “like”. 😉 then you can see the picture I refer to) I was on a road trip this past week. This time last Monday I was crossing the border into Canada on our way to see the Niagara Falls. 

My hope is in Gods promises. I wrote that we can be sure God will make good on His promises and posted a picture of a double rainbow seen one day at the falls. (Technically the American side as we were leaving to go to the second destination on Wednesday.) 

The rainbow is a symbol of a promise God made to Noah thousands of years ago, that He has honored to this day.

My hope rests in the promises of God, and His faithfulness to follow through on His promises. My hope rests in the fact that even though I’m not good enough I’ve been made good enough in His blood. My hope is in His perfect sovereignty, justice, and grace. 

My hope is in His love for me. 

Where does your hope rest?

God bless. 🙂