Today I’ll be introducing a new series on love. I know; “Kallee, why do a series on love?”. There are a few reasons. 

Media hates us. As a millennial I see the power of media all around me. Media twists facts, tells half the story, and tells you love is a one night stand. 

Media tells us we need to be in a relationship, and that sex is basically a requirement or it’s not love. Media teaches us to be sex crazed and bombards us with all these images we don’t need to see. 

You see, most millennials are scared of love. They get hurt because they follow medias guide to love, and not God’s guide to love. Gods love is so beautiful and unfaltering. When you love God it makes it so much easier to love your significant other. 

So, I’ll be looking at the “love chapter”, breaking it down, and showing you examples of it either from my own life or the Bible. 

I’m looking forward to this study, growing in my understanding of God’s love, and sharing what I get out of it. 

God bless. 🙂