I share my dating “fails” for one simple reason: so others can learn from my mistakes. It’s my prayer that this blog  is read, and encourages others, and help others learn from my mistakes. 

When in previous relationships, even a few months in, this verse was knawing away at me. The reminder that love from God wouldn’t have anxiety or fear involved. Yet I was so insecure, jealous, and anxious. 

I believe it was God reminding me, a love from Him won’t have me begging for attention. A love from God wouldn’t leave me jealous and insecure. Anxiety would take a grip on me along with this verse. Leaving me no choice, really, but to end the relationship and run back to God. 

A perfect love wouldn’t leave you needing to run back to God. A perfect love leads you to God, because God is love! 

Only since I’ve met my boyfriend has this changed for me. Even as friends Ash would pray for me, and encourage me to be what he calls “a woman of character”, or a Godly woman. Ash asks about my devotions, and we talk about our daily devotions. 

By no means am I saying he’s perfect. No one is. But Ash is learning to love from the One who is perfect. Ash leads me, and guides me closer to God. I finally understood why this verse says “perfect love casts out fear”. 

Because even if Ash is not the man God has for me to marry, Ash displays perfect love because of who he loves more than me, God. I don’t get anxious, jealous, or even insecure with Ash. 

Do you display perfect love to those around you? How can you show His perfect love today? 

God bless. ❤